January 16, 2008 Jonathan Dimond

Kimberley Engineering Works MBO Spurs Image Update

Following a management buy-out in 2007, Kimberley Engineering Works (KEW) has announced that it is updating its corporate image. In addition to a logo change, the well-established foundry is now trading as KEW Foundries.

The KEW Foundries management team.
Back row L-R: Jaime Goncalves, technical director, and Kumar Anoop, managing and financial director.
Front row L-R: Jeff Palin, engineering director, and John Bryson, foundry director.

According to John Bryson, Foundry Director, KEW Foundries, this is the ideal time for the company image to undergo a revamp. “We are always looking at ways in which to improve on our processes, delivery, and customer service. This move serves to further enhance our position in the market.”

The management buy-out was finalised in April 2007 and occurred due to the owner, George Lodder, reaching retirement age. Lodder worked with his management team to conclude the buy-out. The team comprised current managing and financial director, Kumar Anoop, John Bryson, foundry director, Jaime Goncalves, technical director, and Jeff Palin, engineering director. The company is now in the process of obtaining BEE status and ISO 9001 listing.

“By selling to a committed team such as ours that has the experience and company knowledge, staff members were assured of consistency and stability, while customers were assured of the same high level of quality, service and delivery that KEW is known for,” says Bryson.

Since the management buy-out, the company has been increasing its capacity in both the foundry and machine shop reference throughput and size to allow for projects such as manufacturing 21 foot sheave wheels. KEW Foundries is the only company in Africa, if not the world, to manufacture this product.

“We have employed a dedicated foundry manager and recently supplied Gunric Valves with 11 tilting disc check SG valves in 84 and 72 inch variants, and 12 butterfly valves in 96 and 72 inch variants, also in SG Iron. We have also just delivered our first SG 60 4205 mm/OD gear wheel.

KEW Foundries was established in 1891 and is Africa’s sole manufacturer of cast headgear sheave wheels. The company also offers an extensive range of hand moulded castings in Grey and SG Iron up to 6,5 tons in weight, pressings, and Cameron compressed air sludge pumps. Supported by comprehensive design and drafting facilities, including a dedicated pattern shop, machine shop, and laboratory, KEW Foundries serves a host of South African and international mining and industrial markets.