June 15, 2008 Jonathan Dimond

KEW Supplies Sheave Wheels For Impala Shaft

KEW Foundries, previously known as Kimberley Engineering Works (KEW) is one of South Africa’s oldest foundry and engineering works. It was recently awarded a R10-million contract for the supply of 47 sheave wheels to be used during the sinking process of the Main, Vent and Refrigeration Shafts at Impala Platinum 17 shaft.

The contract, which was awarded in November last year, will see the equipment for the Vent and Refrigeration shaft being delivered during March, with the equipment for the Main shaft scheduled for delivery in July.

Sealing the deal due to its long standing relationship with Shaft Sinkers, KEW Foundries will supply sheave wheels of various sizes that will be used as part of the sinking stage and Kibble arrangements. As part of their value added services, all design and manufacture relating to the sheave wheels and the compliance of the clients requirements, are being controlled by KEW Foundries’ engineers.

The sheave wheels range in size from 1 524mm in diameter for the Refrigeration shaft up to 4 877mm in diameter for the Main and Vent shaft Kibble sheave wheels. Company technical director Jamie Goncalves adds: “All Kibble sheave wheels are supplied complete with spindles and heavy duty bearing housings, which are designed and manufactured at our premises.”

KEW Foundries has been involved in numerous projects for Impala Platinum namely for the 20 Shaft and 16 Shaft Projects. The company has been active in the Mining and Foundry sector for more than 100 years, and during this time key competencies have been developed, ensuring a product that complies with the most stringent standards.