May 7, 2008 Jonathan Dimond

KEW Cameron Pumps Successfully Delivered

KEW Foundries – one of the only companies that produce the Cameron Pump – successfully supplied 26 pumps to Johannesburg-based ROSOND, comprising primarily of air motor pumps, and in a separate order, delivered two smaller pumps for use on the Impala 17 shaft.

While the pumps are thought to be old–fashioned, many engineers regard this type of pump as reliable and efficient with very little or no problems at all. Used mainly in the mining and shipping industries, it also functions in various other air supply applications.

The robust and efficient Cameron pump – ideal for the mining and shipping industries

Considered to be “miner-proof”, the Cameron Pump is robust and able to withstand any condition. Furthermore, it can be completely submerged and effortlessly sustains rough handling. Besides its efficiency, the pump is also easy to install and maintain. This is the original submersible pump or slurry pump and can pump water or slurry with a 10 mm particle size.

While the company has many orders for pump parts, it is in the meantime, tendering for the supply of the Cameron pump to some of the major mining projects.